Bayan College’s well-equipped studio has everything student journalists and broadcasters need to create audio and visual productions which showcase their learning, abilities, and job-readiness.

Equipment includes cameras for field and studio shoots, digital SLR cameras for still photography, blue/green screens, a range of professional-quality mixers, and a full editing suite.

The television studio at Bayan helps to loan professional, state-of-the-art equipment and facilities to faculty and students to fulfil class assignments. Professional technical staff and the administrative staff are available to provide technical support, when needed by the students to complete their projects in the studio. The studio aims to help the students to explore the production of multi-camera videos in the studio for the creation of television programming. The students in the studio produce radio as well as television products, varying from genres including nonfiction, fiction, interviews and talk show programming.

The department of media broadcasting at Bayan College understands the need for an emphasis on applied and hands-on training required for a fast developing and evolving media industry in Oman. Hence, exploration of new multi-camera genres in the studio is encouraged in Bayan College. Efforts like Bayan Café, a weekly program produced by the students of Bayan College further ascertains the very foundation of the broadcast studio in Bayan College.

The studio not only caters to Broadcasting students, but its online as well as offline editing facilities are being used by Journalism and Public Relations students.