Message from Purdue University Northwest Chancellor

Offering over 40 degree programs, Purdue University Northwest is one of the regional campuses of the world-respected Purdue University system in the State of Indiana, USA, and is dedicated to serving the professional, educational, and cultural needs of Northwest Indiana and beyond.

As the Chancellor of Purdue University Northwest, I am pleased to continue and strengthen our established academic partnership with the developing and growing Bayan College through offering you expert consultation in program development, quality assessment, and annual reviews.

In today’s increasingly interdependent global environment, such scholarly inter-institutional partnerships will surely benefit students and result in an appreciation for other peoples and cultures through personal exposure, learning, and interaction with diverse constituencies. These inter-institutional collaborative initiatives will promote cross-cultural friendship, develop mutual understanding, and contribute to stronger ties between our respective nations.

Our recently approved 2+2 agreement between Bayan and Purdue Northwest offers a unique opportunity to a few outstanding students to complete their first two years of course work (freshman and sophomore) at Bayan and the second two years (junior and senior) at Purdue Northwest. Furthermore, our respective communication and English faculty members have the opportunity to explore collaborative teaching, online course offerings, and other mutually-beneficial academic initiatives.

Prof. Thomas Keon
Chancellor of Purdue University Northwest