Sultan bin Seif Al Hatmi

Thank you for the knowledge and experience I have gained from Bayan College. Thanks to my teachers, the staff, and my friends. I will remember every single day we shared.Thank you

Sultan bin Seif Al Hatmi,Advertising, BA
Media Studies Department

Ali Al Rawahi

Bayan College has accomplished a great deal as an educational institution. It is becoming more popular through its contribution to the intellectual society – through conferences, its distinguished faculty, staff and students. Thank you all.


Ali Al Rawahi,English Literature, BA
English Studies Department

Abrar al-Rasibya

Coming to Bayan was a new experience for me . Life at Bayan was pleasant and conducive. The campus offered a unique and comfortable atmosphere, which encouraged students and instructors to interact . The great thing about Bayan is that it offers a wide range of quality courses. It creates the opportunity for students to attain excellent education. Bayan offered me the chance to develop my writing skills. I find that this is the right place to start my career. Pleasant people, the library and study area provide the ideal study environment. Unique study programme prepares me well to face the cutting edge nature of media today.


Abrar al-Rasibya / BA in English
Media Department/Oman Medical Specialty Board

Sultan al-Bartamani

All my worries vanished once I arrived and met the people at Bayan. I was helped throughout everything until I had my feet on the ground, after which I was allowed to be independent. I study with amazingly bright, funny and kind students. I can honestly say I have no regrets about choosing Bayan. As far as quality of education is concern ‘ Bayan ‘ is the best place for me to be a future PRO , but the very best thing is education is not enough you also need to learn leadership qualities , characterized building and a better way to live in life as a better personality which you get at Bayan.


Sultan al-Bartamani/Diploma in Media
Media Department /Sultan Qaboos College for Teaching Arabic to Non-Native Speakers 

Wadha al Hanai

I studied at Bayan which has a partnership with Purdue ,Calumet ,USA. It offers good quality education with American certification to students from different countries at a much more affordable price. So when it came to the time to choose a college, I had no doubt about Bayan. So the choice was made and I am 100% sure I will never regret it! The experience I got was just overwhelming! My life has been made so colourful by my friends from different parts of Oman. We all share so much in common yet we are so different!


Wadha al Hanai/ Media/ Diploma
An Executive /Bayan College