Admission & Registration Department

Admission and Registration Department

Admission and Registration Department is one of the most important departments in the College. It represents a fundamental link between the students, the administration and instructors. It is the most frequented department by the students during their period of study at the College, starting from their admission, through enrollment to their graduation.

Admission and Registration Department is concerned with follow-up procedures for admitting students, offering them admission and registration requirements, briefing them on academic regulations and procedures and helping them through the registration process.

Admission and Registration Department offers prospective students an array of services including but not limited to:

  1. Achieving the college goals and implementing its registration and admission policies;
  2. Regulating the execution of the student’s admission process;
  3. Opening files for admitted students in order to keep all their documents;
  4. Preparing semester class schedule and mid and final exams schedules;
  5. Regulating and executing courses registration, add and drop, withdrawal, postponement and any other student related procedures;
  6. Receiving, entering and announcing the result of final exam;
  7. Providing the students with their grades, certificates, and all the necessary documents.