QA Office

Quality Assurance Office


The Quality Assurance Office aims to become the College’s forefront in ensuring institutional and academic quality through an effective quality management system compliant to the Ministry of Higher Education requirements and achieve the highest quality standards.


  • Establish a system of assuring academic quality in College
  • Conduct a system of internal review to ensure compliance to policies and procedures implemented in the College
  • Ensure a broad understanding of the purpose and objectives of quality assurance among the stakeholders of the College
  • Well inform staff with regard to the quality standards that the College adheres to in carrying out the department duties and responsibilities
  • Assure quality in all processes and services provided in the College
  • Acquire institutional and program accreditations locally and internationally


Specifically, the department aims to:

  1. Conduct benchmarking activities relevant to the establishment of academic standards
  2. Communicate results, feedback, report to the department concerns
  3. Schedule departmental  review and academic audit
  4. Prepare reports on compliance and non-compliance status to the management
  5. Conduct monitoring and assessment on the implementation of the institutional and departmental operational plans and improvement actions
  6. Recommend actions for continuous improvement and decision-making.