Marketing & PR Office

Marketing & PR Office


Since the establishment of the Marketing and Public relation office,Bayan College has noticed the importance of being strongly represented in other media and advertising platforms in addition to being present in exhibitions and fairs. The Public Relations Department carefully follows all activities that take place between the College and the institutions and sectors of the external community and builds good communication.


Marketing & Public relation department strives to see Bayan College ranked among the most respected colleges in Oman for government and private institutions, and community and students interested in studying.


Recognize Bayan College as a distinguished and leading college that has a major impact on the community.

Recognize Bayan College as first private college in Oman offering diploma/bachelor degree in Media studies.

The statement shall have the participation of education in the exhibitions of the various higher education institutions.

Marketing & Public Relation  strives to deliberately serve the communications needs of Bayan College as a whole, through creative and real undertakings by developing bilateral relationships, responsible promotion and community-building.

Goals & Objectives:

  • Credibility and transparency in presenting the programs of study and life within the college.
  • Building strong and continuous relationships between the outside community and the college.
  • Hosting and sponsoring community events held within the college to identify the location and facilities of the college.
  • Organize educational contests within high schools and institutions in the Sultanate in order to discreetly extend the advertisement of Bayan College’s programs.
  • Update and enhance leaflets and brochures.
  • Working as a team between the office of public relations and marketing and the rest of the different departments of the college to reflect positively on the overall performance.
  • The general and continuous follow-up to what is happening in the outside society and the latest developments and changes and the reflection on the college.
  • Arrange and organize school visitations to Bayan College.
  • Coordinate visitations to high schools across the Sultanate.
  • Participate in all exhibitions and marketing activities in the Sultanate.