Alumni Association

Alumni Association

The Alumni Association was established in 2011 , after the graduation of the first batch of students in the same year. The Association serves the College and the Alumni by helping them reach high employment levels, follow-up of graduates and provide recommendations to the College regarding the graduates and labor market.

The Alumni Association aims at: keeping Alumni in touch with the College by providing several channels of communication between the two in order to serve the Alumni, the College and the community building permanent cooperation contacts with relevant entities to learn their opinion and their need for graduates and enlighten them about the College.

Helping secure jobs for graduates that match their specialties and interests, stimulating Alumni and students expected to graduate to participate in programs offered by the College, organizing an open day for graduates to strengthen ties with fellow graduates and College students, helping companies and institutions looking for staff to reach College graduates with ease and choose the appropriate employee, inviting graduates to take part in College activities, publishing a Newsletter which contains news of interest to Alumni are some of the tasks carried out by the Alumni Association.

Providing the graduates with the latest development in their field of interest, opening channels of communication with various recruiters, arranging with the College website to post vacancies and receive applications from companies wishing to recruit, upgrading the graduates’ skills through training courses in languages, computer and other related fields of interest are also some of the activities that the Alumni Association extends its support to.

Career Guidance Centre (CGC)

The mission of the Career Guidance Centre is to maximize the employment opportunities available to Bayan College graduates. It helps students in designing, evaluating and implementing their career plans in relevance to the College’s mission to serve the community and to interface with the local labor market.

General Objectives

Bayan’s CGC aims to achieve the following:

  • Provide education related to career choice and work performance;
  • Provide relevant information (educational and occupational) to help students in career planning;
  • Link with Alumni, employers, professional organizations to optimize employment opportunities;
  • Prepare students for finding suitable employment by developing (through workshops /short courses) job-search skills, effective presentation skills.
  • Link academic learning with future work
  • Develop occupational interests and competencies, and
  • Explore future career opportunities.

Career Education

  • Provide individual & group guidance & counseling on career education.
  • Organize seminars and workshops on job search techniques and self-marketing (i.e. Resume writing, interviewing skills…etc.)
  • Provide occupational information and access to employers’ reference files.
  • Maintain an updated vacancy list of current jobs in the market.
  • Strengthen links with employers, especially through the career fair or various presentations organized by the CGC.
  • Run an on campus Recruiting Program.
  • Create a Career Guide Manual for use by potential graduates.
  • Display part time/full time vacancies on campus through the CGC website and the Vacancy list.

Alumni Affairs

  • Maintain Alumni records, especially on the graduates’ first destination upon leaving the College.
  • Provide graduates with the College’s latest news and developments.
  • Invite the graduates to conferences, seminars, workshops…etc. organized by the College.
  • Organize discussion meetings between graduates and College top management / current students.

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