This Committee involves the exclusive participation of parents of students enrolled in the College. They serve as a consultative body that recommends improvement actions beneficial to the students while they are in the process of acquiring the degree. Although Bayan College caters to students of majority age and parental participation in the academic institution is not fundamentally required, the College believe that parental advice and suggestions are still considered vital in the operation of the student and academic services in the College not to mention their direct involvement in the academic supervision of their children outside the institution of higher learning. Also, the College believes that this partnership would be able to ensure effective implementation of the curricula where their feedbacks are taken into consideration in the decision-making processes of the College.

1- Mr. Sameer Ayoub Al Balushi

2- Mr. Abdullah Saoud Al Farsi

3- Mr. Thirunavukarasu

4- Ms. Jamila Khamis Al Kalbani

5- Mr. Khamis Khalfan Al Amri

6- Ms. Nabeela Jarsia Skala

7- Mr. Ibrahim Khalaf Al Fulaiti