Media Studies Department

Media Studies Department

The Department of Media Studies offers Bachelor and Diploma Degrees in:

Journalism: This program introduces the various types and techniques of press editing. It provides students with the real capabilities to practice journalism through offering a variety of courses that deal with the press and its history, media theories, techniques of press editing, professional writing for various mass media, and other courses that help in developing students’ cultural skills. These courses have been carefully selected to meet the actual needs of the Omani labor market.

Broadcasting:  This program focuses on acquiring the scientific and practical skills in the field of Radio and Television; providing students with sufficient experience that qualifies them to practice professional newswriting for Radio and Television and preparing and presenting Radio and Television programs. Moreover, this program is designed to teach students how to use modern technical equipment such as cameras and recorders, and how to edit  through various courses and training programs that have been designed to enhance students’ scientific and practical skills that qualify them for the labor market.

Public Relations:  It is a fact that institutions, organizations and companies rely on public relations as it is the backbone of their success and strength in building mutual trust with the public. Due to the growing importance of public relations, Bayan College has given special attention to this major by preparing a standard program based on scientific courses that have been carefully selected. These courses focus on public relations theories, aims, practices, roles and the ways in which the concerned people deal with them. Moreover, these courses introduce the basics and techniques of writing for public relations, terms, requirements and forms that enable the students to gain all the skills needed for working in this field.

Advertising:  This program aims at acquainting students with the principles of advertising and the role it plays in both media and society. It also prepares them to be active in the modern work environment of advertising focusing on the relationship between the advertising agency and its clients, work ethics, consumers’ behavior, researching and planning advertisements, in addition to writing and producing highly effective and attractive commercials.

Visual Communication Design:  We live in a visual society.  The concentration in Visual Communication gives students the opportunity to explore a visual world.  Visual Communicators combine words, images and ideas in original ways to convey information.  The concentration emphasizes real-world problem solving, contemporary creative thinking, design methodology, technique and skill development, industry standard computer technology, and practical ability. A degree in visual communication design can gain skills useful in dozens of careers especially beneficial if you plan to work in new media or web design.