International Affairs and Programs Office (IAPO)



The role of the International Affairs Program Office is to provide targeted and strategic initiatives leading to the development of successful international partnerships and business opportunities, ideally in the higher education sector.

Core areas of responsibility

  • Management of international affiliations and partnerships
  • Identification of market needs in higher education relevant to Oman
  • Specify targets for recruitment of international students
  • Manage the full recruitment process of international students
  • Manage international student support services for the duration of their enrolment at Bayan College
  • Provide international students with appropriate access to accommodation, transport and general welfare needs for the duration of their period of study at Bayan College
  • Identification of programs
  • Gaining approval for program delivery from relevant bodies, including international affiliates/partners and local ministries
  • Maintain strong, productive and cordial relationships with the Ministry of Higher Education and other relevant government agencies
  • Manage all international visits of staff and students.