Al Andalus Hostel (female)

Al Andalus Hostel is in close proximity to the College and offers comfortable accommodation for female students. The hostel has well furnished rooms and is fully equipped with modern amenities. The second and third level floors can be accessed either by two lifts or stairs. The hostel also features a well- equipped gymnasium and provides free internet.


The hostel has two live-in supervisors available to help students 24 hours per day, 7 days per week, and cleaners maintain the rooms each day. Weekend excursions are arranged for students, as are regular shopping trips to the Malls and supermarkets.


  1. The only official residential hostel under the supervision of Bayan College
  2. It is situated very close to the College – less than 5 minutes away
  3. New building with well furnished rooms with all modern amenities

Amenities available on-site:

  1. Two experienced supervisors are available 24 hours and one supervisor during weekends.
  2. There are 2 electric lifts and 2 ladders.
  3. Safety systems, first aid and fire alarm systems are installed in strategic points.
  4. There are workers to repair the faults.
  5. Two female cleaners to clean the housing.
  6. Well equipped Gymnasium
  7. Free internet (Wi-Fi).

Rooms and rent

*Room rates with transport:

– One bed: 130 RO

– Two beds: RO 75

– Three beds: RO 55

– Four beds: RO 50

– Five beds: RO 45

Each room has the following items as a standard:

  1. Plasma screen with receiver.
  2. Wooden comfort beds.
  3. A study room.
  4. Kitchen with: cooker, refrigerator, washing machine