Foundation Program

Background Information


The Foundation program is a non-credit course which is pre-requisite to begin the academic studies. Bayan College offers three levels of English language  learning in the Foundation Year. Within the program and at all levels (1, 2, and 3), students focus on learning or improving their English language skills namely, grammar, reading, writing, listening, and speaking. In addition, students are also required to do Mathematics, attend IT classes, and learn Study Skills.

The Foundation program which is designed in accordance with the requirements of the Ministry of Higher Education is done in three semesters (16 weeks each) i.e. during the fall and spring of the academic year plus one summer semester (8 weeks).  Each level supports the next, and as the students progress, they become more proficient in each skills. Each level has its own designed syllabus for paired skills (i.e. Reading & Vocabulary, Grammar & Writing, and Listening & Speaking), as well as level tests and designated hours and lecturers. Foundation students are also practiced extensively at the College’s Language Lab.


The program aims in developing and preparing students’ linguistic proficiency to meet the requirements of the academic faculties and their specializations. The Foundation program course outlines are aligned with the mission and vision of the College for its students to be responsible, knowledgeable, and well prepared graduates who will have key roles in the higher education infrastructure in Oman and making major contributions to the development of human resources. Thus, at Foundation level, students are trained in all skills of English to equip them with the demands of academic pursuits.

Placement Test

To gain entry to Foundation studies, incoming students are required to take a placement test which covers grammar, reading, writing, and speaking. The placement test determines each new student’s starting level.

Note:  Incoming students with an IELTS score of 5.00 are placed directly into their academic studies.


Non-credit bearing courses (such as General Foundation Program courses) do not affect a student’s GPA. However, it is considered a pre-requisite to pass all the Foundation courses (with a grade of 50% or higher) in order to progress to the next level of General Foundation Program.