English Studies

The Department of English Studies

The Department of English Studies offers Bachelor and Diploma Degrees in:

English Literature:

This program aims at developing students’ knowledge of English language and literature, their language skills and ability to think critically. The Department offers rich and varied courses that cover all literary genres such as novel, drama, poetry, and criticism. Courses include both English and American literature, linguistics, translation, composition, communication and History of Oman, to name but a few. The courses have been carefully selected from the curriculum of Purdue University Northwest, USA with which Bayan College is affiliated in order to meet the needs of the Omani labor market in the fields of: teaching, media, translation, and many other varied jobs in the Sultanate’s Ministries, banks, companies, and tourism sector.

English Professional Writing:

English Professional Writing is an ideal specialization for students who are interested in writing and want to master different types of genres. The program focuses on teaching the practical aspects of functional writing in different contexts to qualify students to work in the field of publishing, editing, and professional writing that is needed by public and private institutions like companies, newspapers, radio and television. Through this specialization, students will study several subjects including rhetoric and effective techniques of persuasion covered by a range of courses. In addition to the major courses of professional writing, there are other courses offered by both English and Media departments. Graduates will be suitably qualified to gain employment in a wide number of specialized jobs available at the labor market.