Guidance & Counseling Office

The prime objective of counseling is to bring about a positive change in the life of students.

(GCO) is responsible for the following:

  1. Provide individual counseling services to students
  2. Motivate and help students to be able to solve their problems.
  3. Build a rapport between student and teacher based on mutual trust and understanding.
  4. Instill a sense of confidence and belongingness in the students.
  5. Encourage students to set a goal in their life.
Provide information related to career choice and work performance;
Provide relevant information (educational and occupational) to help students in career planning;
Link with alumni, employers, professional organizations to optimize employment opportunities;
Prepare students for finding suitable employment by developing (through workshops /short courses) job-search skills, and effective presentation skills.
Strengthen links with alumni by organizing get-together, seminars and workshops to qualify them for distinction in the labor market.