Tunisia Visit

Dr Juma Saleh Al Ghailani, Board member and Managing Director Bayan College recently visited the Institute de Presse et des Sciences de I’Information IPSI (Institute of Press and Information Sciences), Manouba – Tunisia on an official visit

Dr Juma visited the educational institute as part of Bayan College’s ongoing plan to strengthen academic cooperation with Arab and International colleges and universities. He held talks with the Dean of the Institute and the heads of departments. He said: “Bayan College is seeking to develop academic ties with academic institutions interested in media studies to explore prospects of cooperation with them for the benefit the college. In light of this I visited the University of Manouba to open prospects for academic cooperation with IPSI in terms of academic programs and exchange of expertise and develop  research cooperation between the two sides and learn about the IPSI experience in the areas of teaching experience various media disciplines. “I have had several meetings with the dean of the Institute, Dr. Moncef al Ayari and we discussed means of joint cooperation in introducing a Master Media Studies program in Arabic, which will provide more opportunities for Omani students to pursue their higher studies in media.” The visit included a brief on the academic Programs and courses, academic and student activities taking place in IPSI and the possibility to take advantage of them to enhance the academic output of students of Bayan College as IPSI students have relative practical experience. Dr Juma added: “Bayan College, over the past years, has signed memoranda of understanding and academic cooperation with many German, Australian and Malaysian universities in addition to its affiliation with the University of Purdue Calumet.” Bayan College is the first private college in the Sultanate to offer degrees in Media Studies. Bayan College works under the supervision of the Ministry of Higher Education and is affiliated to the prestigious Purdue University, Calumet – USA.