Bayan College
  Student Affairs Department
The Student Affairs Department pays close attention towards provision of services and facilities to students. The department contributes towards the refinement of each student's personality through a package of extra curricular activities catering to a variety of tastes and interests. College life is not limited to lectures and classes but extends to hobbies and talent development that highlight a student's personality. The department also plays an essential role in guiding students and preparing them for their entry into the industry. Therefore the department looks forward to produce a generation of young skilled talents with entrepreneurial abilities to cope with the challenges of modern times. 

Student Affairs Department aims at:

1.  Contributing to the preparation of balanced personalities of students to mould them into truly outstanding academics

2.  Providing scientific, cultural and sports activities both within and outside the college

3.  Handling student related issues such as social, psychological and educational and guide students in overcoming obstacles in both academic or personal issues

4. Providing diverse student services in an easy and accessible way.

5. Stimulating student talent

6. Encouraging students to invest their time towards the benefit of the community and therefore the country

7. Working towards developing a highly committed attitude based on ethics, norms and traditions

8. Promoting a positive spirit and support initiatives and participation from students

9. Developing and promote a spirit of unity, discipline and adherence to academic norms

10. Developing closer links between students, alumni, their families and college staff

11. Consolidating the spirit of belonging and national pride by encouraging students to participate in dialogue and programmes
Students are encouraged to visit the Student Affairs Department, regarding any questions concerning:

Internship & Career Services

Transportation and Hostel Services

Student Activities: Cultural activities/ Workshops/ Exhibitions/ Clubs

Sports and Games
Several publications are available in the Student Services Centre including:
Student Handbook
Student Conduct Code
Registration Forms for activities/ events