Bayan College
  Student Affairs Department

Student Affairs Department is concerned with all matters pertaining to students’ welfare. The Department contributes towards the refinement of each student's personality through a package of extra-curricular activities catering to a variety of tastes and interests. College life is not limited to lectures and classes but extends to hobbies and talent development that highlight a student's personality. The Department also plays an essential role in guiding students and preparing them for their entry into the labor market. It directs all its efforts towards producing a generation of young skilled talents with entrepreneurial abilities to cope with the challenges of modern times. 

      Students Affairs Department aims at:

    a. Contributing to the preparation of balanced personalities of students;

b. Providing scientific, cultural and sports activities both within and outside the college;

c. Supervising the Students Advisory Council;

d. Facilitating complaints process via complaint box 

e. Supervising students’ election;

f. Adopting and shaping talents in an integrated educational environment;

g. Encouraging and inspiring gifted and talented students.