Bayan College
 English Studies

The Department of English Studies offers BA and Diploma in English Literature and professional writing; 

English literature: this program foster students’ knowledge of the English language and literature and develop their language competence and critical thinking skills. We offer courses that explore literary genres such as novel and drama, Western literary theories, periodized American and English Literature, linguistics, phonetics, grammar, translation and many other courses. 

English Professional Writing: is an ideal major for students who love writing and want to learn how to write in a wide variety of public and professional contexts. The program teaches the practical aspects of communicating on the job, in business or in industry, to prepare for careers in publishing, editing, writing, and technical communication, including companies, newspapers, magazines and radio and TV stations. As a Professional Writing major, students will study rhetorical theories and learn how to make effective arguments to persuade a variety of audiences. Students have a wide range of course choices. In addition to Professional Writing courses, they also study general requirement courses along with courses from other programs, including English Studies and Media studies. The graduates will have a variety of jobs waiting for them. Please see the Student Handbook for more details.

All these courses were carefully chosen from Purdue University _Calumet curricula (to which our College is affiliated) to cope with the increasing demand of graduates in this discipline in the Omani job market. Job prospects are: teaching, media, translation, service positions in different Ministries, banks, companies, and tourism.

We at Bayan College do our best so that our graduates have a level of command and fluency in spoken as well as written English and communication skills that help them compete in the rising job market.