Bayan College
 Tution Fees

Tuition Fees

1. General Foundation Program Tuition Fees

Fees applicable to the Foundation Program are as follows:

Level One

Level Two

Level Three





2. General Fees


Media Studies

English Studies

Registration fees (non-refundable) paid once

OR 50

OR 50

Placement test fees (non-refundable) paid once

OR 25

OR 25

Graduation fees paid once

OR 40

OR 40

Service charges per semester (Internet, printing, photocopying, studio)

OR 20

OR 20


3. Academic Programs Fees




Tuition fees per credit hour

OR 70

OR 65

Tuition fees (one course/three credit hours)

OR 210

OR 195

Tuition fees (72 credit hours/ diploma )

OR 5040

OR 4680

Tuition fees (126 credit hours BA )

OR 8820

OR 8190

Studio security fees (refundable )

OR 150



N.B: Books and study accessories fees vary according to the semester.

  4. Payment Policy

Students or their sponsors are responsible for paying all fees.  Bayan College’s payment policy states that:

a.  50% of the tuition fees should be paid on registration;

b.  25% of the tuition fees should be paid one week before the mid-term exam that is week 8 for the Fall and Spring Semesters and week 4 for the Summer Semester;

c.   The remaining fees should be settled one week after the mid-term exams.

Important Note

a.  A student who withdraws, drops-out, or postpones his/her study two weeks after the beginning of the Semester has to pay the fees as detailed in table 14.5, p. 16.

b. Private & partial scholarship students failing to pay all their tuition fees during this period of time will have to face the consequences with any or all of the following:

1. Withholding of the student’s transcript

2. Refusal to enroll the student for the next semester

3. Refusal to allow the student to graduate

4. Withholding of the student’s diploma

5. Refusal of the student’s request for official documents bearing the stamp of the college.