Bayan College
 Admission to Bayan College

Admission Requirements 

A - Admission Requirements

Students seeking admission to Bayan College must have successfully completed the General Education Diploma (Literary or Scientific Streams), or its equivalent.

B - Required Documents

Students must follow the registration guidelines set by the Admission Center.  Once a place at the college has been secured, students must complete their admissions requirements with the Bayan College Admission Office.  Admission requirements are as follows:


-       A completed "College Application Form".

-       A certified copy of the General Education Diploma

-       A copy of ID or passport

-       4 passport-size pictures

-       A Completed "Sponsorship Card" to be obtained from the Admissions Office, Sponsorship letter from sponsors.

-        R.O. 50 non-refundable application fee

-       R.O. 25 non-refundable placement test fee (applies to students required to take the placement test)

-       R.O. 25 non-refundable credit-transfer fees for transferring students.


C - Admission to academic programs

Admission to academic programs requires a satisfactory level of English language proficiency.  Three options are available to students:


-       Pass the placement test administered by Bayan College

-       Successful completion of Bayan College 3- level Foundation Program.

-       TOEFL Test score of 500 or its equivalent in other recognized tests such as IELTS /5