Bayan College
 Academic Regulations

1. The Semester System

Bayan College follows the semester based system. Under the semester system the academic year is divided into three semesters. Fall and Spring Semesters (registration obligatory) are each comprised of 16 weeks including exams period.  The Summer Semester (registration optional) is comprised of 8 weeks including exams period.

2. Credit Hour System

Credit hours are not teaching or contact hours. Credits hours refer to the number of hours assigned to any given course and are awarded after the successful completion of any individual course.  Credit hours might vary from one course to another. However, most courses at Bayan College are awarded total of (3) credit hours each. Teaching or contact hours refer to the number of hours a student spends in the classroom or labs.  Teaching hours are not always equal to the credit hours.  Practical courses might be taught in (4 or 6) hours, but they are awarded (3) credit hours only.

 3. Student Credit Load

To complete a Bachelor Degree in four years (excluding the foundation) an average unit load of (15) credit hours per semester is advised. A student with full time status shall register for no less than (15) credit hours in the Fall and Spring Semesters, and not more than (9) credit hours in the Summer Semester.

A full time student may register for (18) credit hours in a given semester when the following conditions are met:

a.  The student has earned a Cumulative Grade Point Average CGPA (2.8) or higher in the previous semester.

b.  The student has completed minimum of (30) credit hours in the previous semesters.

c.   The student has obtained written consent from his/her academic advisor and approval of the Head of Department in which he/she is enrolled.

A graduating student may register for (21) credit hours in Fall and Spring Semesters and for (12) credit hours in Summer Semester. He/she should get permission from his/her academic advisors and Head of Department.

Under Probation students (with a GPA less than 2.00) carrying full time status can only register for up to (12) credit hours in Fall and Spring Semesters, but (6) credit hours in Summer Semester.