Bayan College
 Regulations on Examinations


Final and Make-up Exams Regulations

a. Sitting for the final exam is compulsory in order to pass a course regardless of the total mark scored in the semester work and mid-term exam.

b. If a student is absent from any exam without legitimate excuse he/she will receive “F” grade.

a.  The total mark for any course is 100, it is the sum total of the final exam, mid-term exam and semester work. Semester work is the sum total of quizzes, assignments, presentations and reports assigned and approved by the Department Council. These marks should be announced to the students;

b.  The Final Exam for each course is conducted once at the end of the semester. The questions should cover all the taught items.

c.   The final mark for any course cannot be modified except by the Grievance Committee, after obtaining the approval of the College Council. This should be done within a week after the results announcement (as indicated in No. 24, p. 23). The Dean notifies the Admission and Registration Department with the decision within two weeks after the end of the semester in which the student studied the course.

d.  The course is considered Incomplete and shows as “I” on the transcript if the student fails to show for the Final Exam for reasons beyond his/her control. The student has to apply to the Deanship requesting a make-up exam, attached with it certified documents. He/she has to show up for the make-up exam at the assigned date. If he/she fails to appear on that date he/she will be given “F” grade.

e.   Students must repeat all the failed courses in accordance with the rules and regulations of the College. A student cannot repeat a course he has already studied and passed with “C” grade and above.

f.    Make-up exams are conducted for students who didn’t show for the Final Exam based on the following:

-- The student’s absence from the Final Exam was due to an excuse accepted by the Grievance Committee;

-- This exam is conducted on the second week of the semester that follows the semester in which the student didn’t sit for the Final Exam;

-- Grade “I “is given to the student who missed the Final Exam and his excuse was accepted;

-- After sitting for the exam the instructor forwards the grade to the Registration and Admission Department.


Students must adhere to the following while sitting for the exams:

Students are responsible for checking that they are in the correct examination room;

a.  Students must show College ID card and a “clearance receipt” to the invigilators on duty, sign in the attendance form provided;

b.  Students are required to bring their own pens, pencils, and erasers. Sharing is not permitted;

c.   Students must place all personal belongings in demarcated areas during exams, including mobile phones. Not doing so will be considered as a cheating attempt.

d.  Students are expected to respect invigilators on duty and comply with all instructions announced by invigilators.

e.   Students will be admitted to an examination room not earlier than 15 minutes before the examination is due to commence.

f.    Late comers will only be admitted into the examination room if they show up during the first thirty minutes.

g.  Latecomers are not granted extra time. All students must leave the examination room on the specified time.

h.  Students MUST answer their exam questions on paper provided by the instructor or invigilator.

i.     Students are expected to remain in the room during the exam and not leave except for absolute emergencies (i.e. bathroom or illness).

Final Exams Results and Degree Awarding

a. Results of exams are released during the period specified by the college council after the final exams.

b. Results of make-up exams are released during the period specified by the college council after the final exams.

c. Graduation certificates are awarded three weeks after the end of the exams attested by the College and MoHE.

d. Convocation certificates are awarded on the day of the graduation ceremony, after getting appropriate approvals from MoHE and Purdue University Northwest.

e. Graduation and convocation certificates are provided free of charge only once. For any additional copies, the student should pay the following after submitting a request form:

     -- RO 15 for the Graduation certificate

     -- RO 35 for the Convocation certificate.