Bayan College
 Regulations on Course Registration

1. Class Schedules

Admission and Registration Department set all class schedules in coordination with academic departments.  These schedules can be changed only by the College administration.  The College does its best to design schedules suitable to students and in accordance with the existing regulations. Some students, including course repeaters and postponers, may face some difficulties in their class schedules. They are advised to consult their academic advisors to find appropriate solutions to such difficulties in cooperation with the Admissions and Registration Department.


2. Registration Regulations

a.       The college reserves the right to limit enrollment in any course and to cancel any course in which there is insufficient enrollment.

b.       A prerequisite is a course or additional preparation that must be completed before enrolling in an advanced course.  

c.        Dates for the registration period shall normally be published in the Academic Calendar.

d.       A continuing student is not allowed to register for the next semester unless his/her outstanding balance has been paid in full.

e.        Registration for courses should be made in person, during the dates announced by the Admission and Registration Department, and on the official Course Registration Form to be obtained from Admission and Registration Department or from the College website. In case of in-person registration, students must secure all signatures required on the registration form.

f.          Registration is open only for courses offered in a particular semester. Lists of courses offered for a given semester will be posted on the “Students Bulletin Board” prior to the registration period.

g.       An academic advisor is responsible for counseling the student on courses that should  be registered and suited to the student’s academic capabilities .The final decision is the student’s,  and he/she should bear the responsibility for his/her own choice.

h.       A continuing student who registers after the pre-announced course registration period should get an approval from the academic advisor and respective HoD. He/she will be fined a R.O. 25 late registration fee.

i.          Registration priority in any course is for the students who come first.

j.         Change of section is not allowed once registration period is over.

3. Registration Procedures

a. Determine the list of courses you wish to register for in a semester and obtain a registration form from the Admission and Registration Department.

b. Sign up for a consultation with your academic advisor. It is recommended you take your plan of study to your consultation.

c. Fill in the form and obtain all the required signatures.

d. Register online and obtain a copy of your schedule.

4. Add/Drop

a. A student may add or drop courses during the first week of Fall/Spring Semesters, and three days in Summer Semester by submitting a completed form to the registration office. Unless a course change is made on an Add/Drop Form and in person, the expected changes will not be made. Courses dropped during this period do not appear on the student's transcript. In cases of Add seats availability is taken into consideration.

b. A student cannot add a course after the Add/Drop period is over. If the need arises in exceptional cases, the student should obtain the approval of both the concerned Head of Department and the academic advisor.

c. A student gets full refund for the course/courses he/she drops in the first week of Fall/Spring Semesters and the first 3 days in Summer Semester.


5. Withdrawal from a Course

a. To officially withdraw from a course a student must return a completed Withdrawal Request Form to the Admission and Registration Department signed by the student and by the student's academic advisor. If the Withdrawal Request Form is formally received by the Admission and Registration Department prior to the end of week 8, this course will be given a grade of “W” and will not be calculated in his/her GPA.

b. Unless a course withdrawal is handled in this manner, it has no official standing and will not be recognized by the College.  The student will remain enrolled in the course and receive “F” grade which will be calculated into his/her GPA. Failing to attend classes will not result in a “W” grade being given.  A student must officially withdraw from the course through the process described above.

c. The table below indicates percentage of fees paid for a withdrawn course


Summer Semester

Fall & Spring Semester


30% of paid tuition fees

60% of paid tuition fees

Week 2, 3 & 4 in Fall and Spring Semesters , and the Second week in Summer Semester


20% of paid tuition fees

Week 5-8 in Fall and Spring Semesters , and the Third week and after in Summer Semesters



After week 8 in Fall and Spring Semester



6. Repeating Courses

a. A student may repeat any course in which she/he earns a grade below “C”.

b. To repeat a course a student must return a completed repeating course request form to the Admission and Registration Department during the registration period.

c. The original grade of a repeated course remains on the student’s transcript till the new grade is approved.

d. Only the second grade will apply toward the Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) whether it is higher, lower or the same.

e. A repeated course will appear on a student’s transcript followed by the designation “R”.

f. Only courses originally taken at Bayan College shall be repeated.

g. No course may be repeated more than twice.

h. Payment of the tuition fee for the repeated course is the responsibility of the student.

i. A student who fails a required course MUST repeat that course.

j. A student who fails an elective course may repeat it or any other elective course relevant to his/her major.


7. Postponement of Studies

a. A student may postpone study for reasons determined acceptable by the College Council. The postponement duration cannot be more than two consecutive semesters.

b. A student can postpone study for a third and final semester for reasons determined acceptable by the College Council.

c. A student should fill in Postponement-of-Study Form (available at Admission and Registration Department) in consultation with his/her academic advisor only after a decision is made by college council.

d. Not attending lectures does not mean that a student has postponed his/her study. The student should get the final decision from the Admission and Registration Department.

e. If the student’s study is postponed for more than three semesters and he/she would like to resume study, he/ she should re-register, and get new ID numbers.

f. A fresh student can’t postpone his/her study unless they successfully finish their first semester. 

8. Dropping out

a. Dropping out  is not to enroll for a semester or more without informing the Admission and Registration Department and without filling the postponement- of-Study Form .The admission of a drop out student is cancelled and he/she is not allowed to resume his/her study unless approved by the College Council.

b. The College Council reserves the right to grant study- resumption permission if the student has had unavoidable conditions that prevented him from communicating with the College. The student’s GPA and number of hours successfully completed will be taken into consideration when his case is reviewed.

c. The student is responsible for any loss of courses in case a student resumes study and new study plans are in place. He/she should sit for the placement test if he/she drops out 2 years or more.

Transfer to Bayan College

Transfer from another college is welcomed, provided that seats are available at Bayan College. The following conditions should be met:

a.  A candidate should meet the College admission requirements;

b.  A candidate should come from a college/ university recognized by MoHE in the Sultanate;

c.   A candidate at the Foundation Program level is required to take Bayan College Placement Test to be placed in the appropriate level;

d.  If the transferring student is coming from another college of good standing, the recognition and transfer of credits can be considered on a case by case basis where a “C” grade or more has been achieved;

e.   The number of credit hours transferred should not be more than 40% for student seeking a degree from Bayan College; 

f.    Applicants transferring from another university or college must submit the following documents:

-- A certificate of Good Behavior and Conduct from his/her previous college/ university;

-- A completed transfer credit document to be obtained from the Admission and Registration Department;

-- Transfer Evaluation fee, non- refundable (R.O. 25);

-- Official transcripts and course description from his/her previous college/university.

g.  Transferred hours will be included in the total number of hours needed for graduation. Marks of those courses passed in the previous college/ university will not be included in Bayan College AGPA.