Bayan College
 Regulations on Academic & Social Conduct

A . Cheating and Dishonesty

Bayan College considers cheating and plagiarism unacceptable conduct and the college will impose sanctions on students who cheat or plagiarize.  Students are expected to be honest in meeting the requirements of courses in which they are enrolled.

Students who engage in cheating or plagiarism will be subject to disciplinary actions including, but not limited to, failing or receiving a lower grade for the piece of work in question or overall course work.  In serious cases, students’ dismissal from a course, suspension from their studies, and/or expulsion from the college will be considered.

B - Definition of Cheating

Cheating is the act of obtaining or attempting to obtain credit for academic work by dishonest means which include, but not limited to:

-       Consulting notes, books, or any course materials during quizzes, tests, or examinations which have not been authorized by the relevant instructor.

-       Copying another person’s answer(s) to an examination question(s).

-       Consulting electronic devices during an examination without obtaining authorization from the relevant instructor.

-       Helping another student during examination(s).

-       Submitting as one’s own work an examination, a research paper, a project or a presentation in part or whole which has been stolen or borrowed.

-       Employing a substitute to take an examination, write a paper, or work on a presentation, in part or whole.

-       Submitting a work that has been done for one class to a second class without informing the instructor of the second class and getting his/her consent.

-       Changing academic record, falsifying transcript, grades, or an attendance roster.

Students attempting any or all of the dishonest means stipulated above are subject to disciplinary actions.

C - Definition of Plagiarism

Plagiarism is the act of using another person’s words, ideas, writing, expressions, sentences, paragraphs, approach, or intellectual work in part or whole, and representing them as your own work and/or ideas without appropriately citing that person. In other words, plagiarism is considered a form of cheating to obtain, or attempting to obtain, credit for academic work.

A student who downloads a text from the internet, re-writes a paragraph from a book or an article, or even uses a sentence to be incorporated in an assignment and hands it in to receive a credit or a grade without proper acknowledgement or referencing, is subject to disciplinary actions. However, students are encouraged to use the work of others with proper acknowledgement. In other words, any work you submit as a course requirement to get a credit or a grade which incorporates others’ ideas must be quoted (by quotation marks) and referenced properly.

D - Disciplinary Actions

In the event of an offence of cheating, Bayan College reserves the right to apply the following disciplinary actions:

1.    First offence: A reduced or a failing grade on an examination

2.    Second offence: A reduced or a failing grade in a course

3.    Third offence: a failing grade in a course with an appropriate notation on the student’s transcript referring to academic cheating, and the student’s family will be informed.

In the event of an offence of plagiarism, Bayan College reserves the right to apply the following disciplinary actions:

1.              First offence: Written warning which will be placed in the student’s academic file. Copy of the written warning to be sent to the student’s parents

2.             Second offence: A reduced grade on the assignment, with the possibility of a maximum grade of 70%

3.             Third offence: A failing grade on the assignment

4.             Fourth offence: Reduction in the course final grade

5.             Fifth Offence: A failing grade in the course

30 - Regulations on Social Conduct

1. All students/visitors should abide by the college’s regulations and to show his ID when asked to do that.

2.All students/visitors  should abide by the instructions and procedures issued by the College and demonstrate decency and respect for feelings, traditions and beliefs of others and get away from everything that might disrupt security and healthy learning environment. The college will take strict disciplinary actions against non-compliant students.

3. Non-compliant Students will be referred to disciplinary Committee. The Committee / College Council has the right to permanently dismiss from college any student found violating these instructions.

Cellular phone

In order to maintain an appropriate educational environment, students shall turn off or silence their cellular phones in class sessions, computer laboratory sessions, and in any administrative offices.

Dress Code

a. In order to maintain a safe academic atmosphere for faculty and students the college will not tolerate clothing that goes against the culture of Oman. Also the college bans face veils (Burqaa, Niqaab) on college premises including, but not limited to, offices, classrooms, computer labs, and all college facilities.

Every time a violation of this policy is reported to the Student Affairs Office, the student will promptly be denied access to the college. Furthermore, the student will be subject to disciplinary actions which include, but not limited to:

1.    Warning: the student will be warned that he/she has violated the college policy on dress and that subsequent violation may lead to more severe actions. No entry of this record will be made in the student’s academic record.

2.    Written Warning: the student will be given written warning notice that he/she has violated the college policy on dress. The warning notice will be placed in the student’s academic record.

3.    If necessary, the student’s family or relevant parties will be informed when violation occurs.

4.    The college reserves the right to ask the student to withdraw from the college.

5.    Limited Suspension: the student will be informed in writing that he/she will be denied access to the college facilities or services for a limited period of time.