Bayan College
Academic Advising Center

1. Academic Advising

An academic advisor from the student’s department is appointed to each student. The academic advisor participates in selecting courses, follows up the student progress and guides him in a way that helps him excel in his studies. Course registration form or Add/Drop form for the students at risk, will not be processed by the Admission and Registration Department unless signed by the academic advisor and the Head of Department .In addition, all students can seek the assistance of their academic advisor to find solutions to any academic or administrative problems.

2. Academic Under Probation Warning Letter 

Under probation student will be called by his academic advisor and will be given his warning letter to sign it. The academic advisor will explain to the student the consequences of remaining under probation and how to recover from the probation. If the under probation student refused to meet his academic advisor, a copy of a probation warning letter will be sent to the student Email-id from the advisor’s official Email-id only. While sending email a copy (cc) will be forwarded to the Head of the respective academic department (English Studies or Media), Head of Academic Advising Centre and Head of Admission and Registration Department. A hard copy will be filed in the student advising file.

 3. 10% and 20% Warning Letter

The instructors will inform the students on 10% and 20% absence warning  through the email from the official Email-id of the instructors to the student Email-id keeping a copy (cc) to the Head of the respective academic department (Foundation Department, Media and English Studies), Head of Academic Advising Centre, Head of Admission and Registration Department and the student advisor. Even if a student fails to sign the warning letter with continuous absence the email will be sent in due time without delay. 

The procedure of submitting a hard copy of the warning letter to the Admission and Registration Department and the respective advisor will also be followed. 

4. Students at Risk

The Students at Risk (CGPA below 2.20) and Under Probation Students (CGPA below 2.00) will be tracked and followed-up. There are certain steps mentioned below that will be followed by all instructors to ensure the quality of education.

Remedial classes will be conducted by all instructors for all weak students throughout the semester. All communication with the students regarding these remedial classes will be done through email (in addition to verbal communication). At the end of the semester a consolidated report for each course on remedial classes will be submitted by the instructors to the Academic Advising Centre.

5. Orientations

The Academic Advising Centre along with all other Departments will be conducting different orientation programs such as: orientation for fresh students, bridging the gap between Foundation & Academics, Advising Day in addition to a workshop on advising for both staff and students.