Bayan College
 Message from the Dean

Dear Students,

Welcome to Bayan College, the first private Media College in Oman..

Here at Bayan College we are united by a common desire to make the world a better place. Each one of us believes we have a unique opportunity and responsibility to advance the public interest. With this in mind we always consider the comfort and the learning enhancements of our students as “work in progress”. Since opening our doors in 2006 we have been growing progressively from a single building, to two buildings in 2010 and in 2013 we will be acquiring some more buildings within the vicinity to ensure that we provide more facilities and comfortable environment conducive to learning.
On this note and as the Dean of this college it is my privilege to announce that we are also in the process of building our “very own” college campus. As you browse our new website you will find structural perspective of how the new campus will look like. More details will be made available as the work progresses, so watch this space! We are indeed a growing college offering a comprehensive Foundation Programme, dynamic academic courses in Media Studies, English Literature. These courses are being taught by experienced faculties complemented by our state of the art teaching and training facilities; an excellent formula that will help our students build up their knowledge of the field, develop their technical and professional skills and enhance their capabilities to make them competent to meet their personal and career challenges in order to serve and meet the society’s needs. As we expand our facilities you will see us branching out to new and exciting fields of study geared to meet the demands of this progressive nation.
As you browse our web site, you will discover new information, ideas, and inspiration. Scrolling through these pages you will learn more about our exceptional degree and education programs, our distinguished faculty members, the profiles of our students, staff and alumni and our future expansion plans both in the field of education and research. If you are a prospective student, consider joining the next generation of innovative public leaders. We have students from different countries. Our learning crosses the boundaries of nations; of public, private, and civil society; of disciplines; and of theory and practice.

And if you are already at the college, as a student, staff member, or faculty, I hope you can use this site to make your work even more productive and share with us the ways in which we can do more. Together we can meet the enormous challenges of building the character and talent of future generation that will contribute to the direction and success of this society.

I wish you the best of luck and success.

Dean, Bayan College